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  • 11 Nov 2023, 13:00 – 18:00
    Secret London Location, London, UK
    🔊 Beats to Bounce: Hip Hop, RnB, dancehall & UKG, we’re bringing the noise. 🍗 Grub That Hits: Devour that mouthwatering feast. It’s food for the soul, mate. 🍹 Liquid Gold: Quench that thirst with cocktails crafted for kings and queens. 🕺💃 Dance Off: Step up and show ‘em how Watford gets down.

Yo, Watford massive, gather 'round! The heat from the London streets is rollin’ straight to your hood with Hip Hop Brunch Watford. It's the same raw energy and sick beats, now bangin’ loud in your manor. Indulge in a spread of bangin’ flavours and sip on signature cocktails, while soakin’ in the illest hip hop vibes. We’re keepin’ it 100 – all real, all hip hop, all here in Watford. No frontin’ allowed, just step out in your dopest threads and rep Watford to the fullest. Let’s make the town throb with the sound of the underground. Secure your spot now, and let's show 'em how Watford throws down at the Hip Hop Brunch. Ready to create some chaos? Catch you there – it's bound to be sheer madness!

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