"You guys know hoe to throw a party! Amazing food. Amazing music. Amazing atmosphere. We can't wait to come and do it over again!"

- Katie & Chloe (Brunch Attendees)


"Possibly the BEST afternoon I've had yesterday at Hip Hop Brunch !!! Highly recommend, I'm ready for the next installment!"

- Yasmin Evans ( 1Xtra DJ, Brunch Attendee)


"As brunch is not the most British of meals, these guys throw tradition to the wind and go all the way, working in beats and karaoke, a "three-course Dirty South Lunch menu", Notorious BIG in the background, and lots of cocktails."



"There’s just something about unlimited drinks and cardiac arrest-inducing Southern grub that brings out the Kanye in everyone. HipHopBrunch has you covered."

- The Evening Standard 


"I've never been to anything like it and it is very innovative... a must have experience in London"

-Shahlaa Tahira/ DJ ST (DJ, Brunch Attendee)


"I like to exaggerate just as much as the next guy, but the crew behind the boisterous Hip Hop Brunch turned what should have been a normal Saturday into party hearty haven. It’s ultimately an invitation to leave the real world for theirs… and who could say no to that? Not me, that's for sure. If you do one thing this year, let it be a boozy brunch with these hedonistic heroes."

-Leighanne Bent (Blogger, Brunch Attendee)


"One of the twenty, "Must Do," things in London"